How Our Community Helps

The Geauga Hunger Task Force began in 1977 to serve the emergency food needs of Geauga County. People came together to create an organization that would raise funds to supplement the local food pantries in the county. We are supported with food and monetary donations from generous residents, churches, schools, businesses, community organizations and local government agencies. All donations are used to stock our Geauga County pantries. To supplement the food donated at food drives, your monetary donations are used to buy food from local grocery stores to be sure there is a wide variety of fresh and nonperishable foods. Funding also provides assistance for home delivered meals, NextStep and Chagrin Falls Park. Additionally, we purchase food at reduced prices from the Greater Cleveland Food Bank to maximize the impact of every dollar we receive.

In 2018, the seven independent pantries in Geauga County served over 500,000 meals. This is a testament to the generosity and neighborliness of every pantry captain, volunteer, and donor.

Just think...

  • That's over 500,000 times that a child, teenager, adult, and senior did not have to worry about going hungry.
  • That's over 500,000 times that an individual, family, and community could give thanks.
  • That's over 500,000 times that we have stood together to take care of our friends, family, and neighbors.

It's amazing work. And it's all done because of your generosity and compassion. Thank you.