Show Others You Care & Let Them Know Help is Available

February 11, 2021

     February is known for Valentines and Heart month. It is full of symbols of love. But it is also very cold month and increases demand on the family budget. Food supplies always take a hit. There are people right here that are hungry. Hunger is pervasive. It is invisible. It does not discriminate by sex, age, background, or faith. If you are hungry, you cannot rest, learn, work or heal. It affects all other parts of your life.
     There are many suffering from the changes from the isolation and the economic changes from the pandemic. Do you know someone that was not laid off but had their hours cut? This will not allow them to apply for unemployment or other supportive funds. This includes many small business owners too. This stretches family budgets to the breaking point. You CAN help in securing food.
     The Food Pantries supported by Geauga Hunger Task Force are stocked and ready to help. See our locations and hours of operations on our "How to Find Help Page" . There are a variety of hours and days per week so check to when they are open. AND currently there is also a food distribution each Tuesday from 3 pm to 5 pm at The Great Geauga County Fairgrounds. Please help the underserved portion of our community. Knowing where to get help is a Super Power.